Since 2010,

Biodesiv has worked with you in your research and development projects in the field of polymers.

From the feasibility study to the development of innovative solutions, we are your partner in each step of your project.

Our engineers are at your disposal for your R&D projects. You are assured to get services adapted to your needs.

2 ways to work together

  • Consulting
    of consultants
    You are looking for highly qualified staff
    Our consultants are working directly in your company for the duration of your project.
    From a few days to a few years, our engineers are at your disposal for your R&D projects, your laboratory or pilot tests.
    You are assured of highly qualified staff while keeping flexibility.
  • Projects
    Studies and
    project management
    You want to outsource your developments
    Together, we define your specifications and carry out your project.
    From study to R&D project, our engineers respond to you request.
    You optimize your developments time and benefit from new skills.


  • Reverse engineering

    Paint Feedstock for metal & ceramic injection molding High performance polyamide Optical lens Rubber (EPDM) Oil and grease
  • Process development & optimization

    Development of encapsulation process by a surfactant free emulsion Development of a recycling process for metal/epoxy composites Development of a dyeing process for plastics by surface infusion Optimization of thermoforming of medical blisters Optimization of compounding & injection of wood fiber reinforced thermoplastics Synthesis of high molecular weight biopolymer
  • Sourcing

    Biobased thermoplastics, TPE & composites for eyewear Scratch-resistant & flexible coating for consumer electronics Pelletized wood fibers for automotive Light colored PPS for electronics Ultra thin film for microelectronics New regulations compliant materials for pharmaceuticals industry
  • Low volume production

    Encapsulation of mineral particles Compounding of high filled materials Compounding of PET Extrusion calendering of bands Extrusion of multilayer films
  • Lab & pilot test

    Monomers crystallization Treatment of industrial wastes from hydraulic fracturing by serial double crystallization of NaCl and CaCO3 Crystallization of fertilizers: mono & di ammonium phosphate Concentration of soda solution Clarification of saturated solution of phosphoric acid by decantation & centrifugation Concentration & crystallization of Na2SO4, CaCl2 from industrial wastes


  • Gea process engineering France, Kestner division Engineering company and manufacturer of equipments for process industries, France.

    Didier Felix,
    Innovation manager

    I've had the opportunity to work with Biodesiv many times. Their consultants have always been ready to take part in our projects with great professionalism. They've done everything to meet our needs in the shortest time possible while providing high level services. Their flexibility and skills are major assets for our developments.

  • Électricité de Strasbourg Electricity supplier, France.

    Guillaume Duval,
    Chief Financial Officer

    After awarding Biodesiv for one of its innovation, I attested to the professionalism of the company during a direct collaboration. Innovative approach combined with rigorous methodology have made Biodesiv dynamic and motivated team stand out as a reliable partner who places great emphasis on customer satisfaction.

  • ALUTEC Cluster of 82 companies in eyewear, France.

    Denis Larrue,

    We have regularly used Biodesiv services and benefitted from their large supplier network. I have been particularly satisfied with the quality of their consultants' work: they quickly provided us with pragmatic solutions and allowed us to pursue our developments.

  • Strategic Allies Open innovation, United Kingdom.

    Elaine Rhodes,

    From the first steps of our collaboration in 2012 on, Biodesiv’s team has been able to use its solid knowledge in polymer science to provide innovative solutions. Very pragmatic, they have perfectly taken into account the concepts of costs and lead time over the course of the project.

  • Sewosy Electric and electromagnetic locking products manufacturer, France.

    Julien Schoettel,
    Product and R&D Manager

    Biodesiv team has shown its open-mindedness and turned its expertise to best account by developing an innovative, simple and performing process for our company, which has given onto new development prospects. In addition, they have produced a result of high quality and accuracy according to our values.

Scientific board

Quentin Courrier
Board Manager
& Associated Consultant
  • Joel Rauch
    Audit and Environment
    Department Manager
    Électricité de Strasbourg
  • Didier Lièvremont
    Laboratoire de Génétique Moléculaire - Génomique - Microbiologie
  • Luc Averous
    Full professor
    in (bio)polymer science
    Institut de Chimie
    et Procédés pour l'Énergie, l'Environnement et la Santé
  • Christelle Delaite
    Full professor
    in polymer science
    Laboratoire de Photochimie
    et d'Ingénierie Macromoléculaires